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Growing up Grapes in Waldviertel (district Zwettl / state Lower Austria)

Planted sorts and description of this sorts see below !

Local climate and soil conditions:

The climate in Waldviertel nearby the destrict town Zwettl is one of the roughest in Austria. A short comparison with the viticulture region Vienna:

The House of my parents is built in a valley with athmospheric inversion, so it could be, that late frost happens til june.

Detailed Climate data in english:

Please use the "Internet explorer" Version 5.5 or higher and klick on e.g. "annal 2011" and on "Stift Zwettl" if you wish to see.


or in german:


Please use the "Internet explorer" Version 5.5 or higher and klick on "verfügbare Stationen suchen" and on "Stift Zwettl" if you wish to see.



The soil proportions are partially classified as a stony heavy loamy soil (weathered granite), rather poor of nutritiv substance, without soil chalk and sour.

For this reason of climate- und soil conditions I organized vines which ,so I hoped, will be resistant to these environment conditions.


I organized vines which were cold hardy, with late sprouting, with early maturing time, which are tolerating a soil without soil chalk and at last, which having a largely fungus- and destructive insect control itself.

In order to have avoid loss of vines by frost in the years of 2004 to 2009, to guarantiee the maximum of sun which will reach the best ripeness of the grapes, I have planted the wines at the southside of a garden wall which is made of concrete and granitestones.

For the exact test of weathering, I have planted one wine aside the wall (Michurinski / Mitschurinski).It shows, that these sort was completely damaged by late frost in spring 2007.

Description of the garden wall

To guarantee the optimum of growing up and ripeness of the grapes, I cultivated a little vineyard in

form of a floorculture in adaptation to the wall (Espalier Effect!).

Before the ripeness of the grapes, I stretched a net in front of the grapes to keep birds away:

In the winter season of 2005/2006, I have hanged up a double drainage fleece as a winter protection in

front of the young vines:

The temperature behind the fleece went down to -8°C/+18°F at the hole winter of 2005/2006!

Planted vines (from the left to the right):

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