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My garden in Lockenhaus, state Burgenland, Austria

Local Climate and Soil:

The climate in Lockenhaus is one of the more milder ones in Austria. A comparison with the state Vienna and Zwettl in the state Lower Austria:

Detailed Climate data

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Please use the "Internet explorer" Version 5.5 or higher and klick on e.g. "annal 2014" and on "Rechnitz" if you wish to see.

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Please use the "Internet explorer" Version 5.5 or higher and klick on "verfügbare Stationen suchen" and on "Rechnitz" if you wish to see.


The soil proportions are partially classified as a stony heavy loamy soil (weathered orthogneiss), rather poor of nutritiv substance, without soil chalk and sour.

My property with the summer house on it is located nearby the river Güns in the outskirts of the old town of Lockenhaus, north of the Günser mountain at an altidude of 320 m above sea level. It rise up in south direction (Günser mountain) lightly.

My property (approx. 750 qm) inclusive summer house and garden:


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