A small description of my Occupation

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I'm working as an Cost Estimator & QS in construction companies from 1994 until today :

  • to calculate cost estimations for dwellings, public and industrial Buildings as well as smaller renovations and conservations also in form of PPP Projects valued from 100,000 Euro till 100 million Euro (820 flats devided up in 10 dwellings with syndicate Östu-Stettin & Habau)
  • to calculate cost estimations (also in syndicates) in form of general contractor service as well as  builders contractor service (DI Mörtinger & Co. GmbH) or PPP Projects (e.g. public school "Campus Nordbahnhof" in Vienna, Austria, builder: Porr-Group)
  • to calculate from time to time cost estimations for the international division of the Porr-Group (e.g. Office and Hotel complex „Old Mill“ in Belgrade, Serbia, builder: Porr-Group)

  • as an Senior Cost Estimator (Östu-Stettin GmbH)

A small description of my occupation in detail :

  • to select tenders from various public newspapers (e.g. "Wiener Zeitung" or "Bauzeitung") in Vienna and Lower Austria as recommendations for the managing section director and booking or picking them up
  • to make summarizing sheets of all tenders and orders in cooperation with the managing director
  • to visit the first survey of old dwellings/buildings, or new building sites
  • to do exact analysis of the tender
  • to start the cost estimations with a "start meeting" with the managing director and / or construction manager
  • to do the BOQ with an estimating software and calculate the bulks in a team with construction technician
  • to calculate the bulks with "MS Excel", "Auer Bausoftware" or "iTWO 2017" (mostly together with engineers)
  • to inquire, evaluate and negotiate offers from subcontractors with MS Excel, "Auer Bausoftware" or "iTWO 2017" (2 Projects).
  • to estimate the BOQ with the "Auer Bausoftware" or with "iTWO 2017" and with help of some projects which are in completition
  • to calculate the total surcharge which will be add on the total costs in cooperation with the managing section director
  • to write a cover letter in cooperation with the managing director and prepare the BOQ data medium for the client
  • to finalize the tender with an "final meeting" with the managing director and / or construction manager
  • to send the tender to the client, and make notes at the opening
  • to accompany the managing director when he is negotiating the tender with the client for the contract (Savings, Variations, Reschedulings, etc.)
  • to maintenance the estimating software (wages, construction material and equipment)